If you’re not a member, I’d like you to ask yourself as I did “would joining this organization make a difference in my business and / or life?”  My answer used to be “no”.

Now, after serving on the board for several years my answer is “yes”!  Here are some of the rewards it has given me:

  1. Being a part of an organization that has given to various charities such as the AEHI-Alternatives in Education for the Hearing Impaired, and The Muscular Dystrophy Association.
  2. Relationships with dealers and factories that I didn’t have prior to becoming involved.
  3. Lower overhead expenses in running my business due to the numerous discounts from:  Verizon wireless, Office Depot, various hotels and much more.
  4. A comprehensive mailing list of dealers and reps.

Our membership is up because of the many benefits we offer.  We’re having fun making a difference in our business and along the way, we’re giving back to this industry and our communities!

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