Midwest Furniture Club


Through the volunteer work of our members, the Midwest Furniture Club has grown consistently in membership while providing programs of interest. Our industry is a globally changing platform; therefore, to sustain our growth, we need each other’s support and networking to meet these challenges.

With this in mind, all of us should realize that our nucleus of talent and energy will endure. It is the passion of our membership’s dedication that provides a stage for the following:

Successful networking of our profession

Educational programs and seminars

Philanthropic programs that benefit the Midwest Home Furnishings arena

To Sustain growth in an everchanging environment.

An organization that provides a future for all

Enhancement of every part of our industry

A Message From our President

Dear Midwest Furniture Club Members,

As summer arrives and consumer spending heats up, let's celebrate the dedication and drive of our retail and sales community! We've navigated the busy spring season, and now it's time to leverage the power of your MFC membership to make the most of these exciting months.

Membership Benefits Beyond the Midwest Furniture Show:
While events like our annual Midwest Furniture Show are a highlight, your membership extends far beyond. It unlocks a treasure trove of ongoing benefits designed to empower your success all year round:

  • Boost Your Bottom Line: Through our partnerships, gain access to exclusive discounts on business essentials, shipping solutions, and summer marketing materials. Imagine the cost savings you can achieve and the competitive edge you'll gain!
  • Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips: Need help with legal compliance, recruiting qualified seasonal staff, or optimizing your inventory management? We've got your back. The MFC and IHFRA serves as your one-stop shop for navigating any business hurdle, big or small.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Sharpen your competitive edge by accessing exclusive webinars, seminars, and educational resources throughout summer. Learn from industry leaders, discover the hottest trends in summer retail, and gain insights on maximizing sales during this crucial season.

Independent Sales Reps Take Note!
These benefits extend to you as well! Utilize our resources to refine your sales strategies, connect with potential retail partners, and stay informed about the latest industry developments to elevate your summer performance.

This Membership is Your Investment:
Remember, your membership in the Midwest Furniture Club and IHFRA is more than just a dues payment – it's an investment in the success and growth of your business. You're also gaining valuable connections within our supportive community of retailers and sales professionals.

Unlock Your Summer Potential:
Ready to make the most of the season? Explore our website to discover member resources, connect with fellow members, and find the tools you need to thrive this summer. Let's continue to support each other, drive collective success, and make the furniture industry a vibrant force year-round.


Brent Jones
MFC President

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